Garage Door Repairs: DIY or Hire a Garage Door Professional?

As a nation – we are devoted to DIY, with many a bank holiday weekend spent fixing essential jobs around the home and garden. The rise of social media and video tutorials make DIY accessible for all – but is this true of garage door repairs?

It can be tempting to try repairing a troublesome garage door yourself – but before you dust off your toolbox – think again. Garage doors are cumbersome and complicated objects and in inexperienced hands can be dangerous.

Why should you call in a garage door repair specialist?

Below, we will go through the top 5 reasons you should use a garage door repair company instead of attempting DIY repairs yourself. It could be the best decision you make today!

Safety is Key

Unsurprisingly, safety is the number one reason you should hire a professional to look at a problem garage door. Garage doors are the heaviest mechanised objects in your home, while most of the intricate parts that make them operate correctly are well hidden. It is often a two-man job to support the weight of a garage door and it could come apart unexpectedly. 

If you have broken parts, such as springs, these can be very sharp and might catch you unaware. Perhaps the tracks are out of alignment, which if so, one false move could spell disaster. All in all, attempting to fix a garage door yourself is a risky business – which a professional garage door repair firm is well prepared for. 

Expert Know-how

There are many types of garage doors on the market, from roller garage doors to up-and-over and sectional garage doors. You might have viewed a couple of video tutorials, but do you know for certain that what you are watching applies to your exact model? 

There are so many components involved with garage doors, like springs, cables, cones, straps, tracks, nuts and bolts, you could easily get halfway through the task and come unstuck – more reason than not to use a garage door repair company instead of attempting DIY repairs.

A professional will know exactly what they are looking at and come equipped with the right tools for the job. They repair garage doors day in and day out –  and let’s face it, an hour or two of research online is no match for years of hands-on experience.  

Protect Your Warranty

Most garage doors come with a warranty in the event of something going wrong. You would be wise to check the small print carefully, as by tampering with your garage door yourself – you could render it void. The likelihood is that your DIY repair job will be a short-term solution, so you should protect your warranty at all costs. 

Save Money Long Term

Staying with the theme of short-term solutions, no doubt one of your biggest motives is to save money, as there are probably far better things you would prefer to spend your money on than garage door repairs.  

However, do think about the big picture. In attempting to fix the issue yourself, you could be causing more damage to your garage doors – leading to higher repair costs later down the line. 

Multiple things can cause a garage door to malfunction, and the issue might not be as serious as you think. You might just need a replacement key fob or lubrication on the rollers, so try not to assume the worst.  

Peace of Mind

Finally, it is always best to seek professional help with garage door repairs for peace of mind. If anything were to go wrong when attempting to fix a garage door yourself, you would be personally liable, and this alone can cause additional stress. Garage door repairs also take time. It is not something that can be rushed, while there is little room for trial and error.

Ask yourself if all this worry is worth it when you can hand the work over to a professional who is fully insured and accredited.  

Specialist Garage Door Repair: Final thoughts

Still, thinking, why should you call in a garage door repair specialist?

We understand how frustrating it is when you cannot access your garage or are unable to close it properly. You may be concerned about your valuables being unsecured or damaged by the elements, so you need to sort the issue out as quickly as possible. Just remember to think things through before making any hasty makeshift repairs. 

Our experts at Local Garage Door Repair Man can make a thorough assessment of your garage door, so you know exactly what to expect from a repair job. Why not call us for a chat and put your mind at rest?




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